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Community Living

Our Community Living Services are designed to support seniors as they are transitioning and living in an Assisting Living and Independent Living homes.

Community Services are designed to deliver personalized and specific physician directed orders to clients that are dealing with early detection and treatment of medical illnesses, behavioral issues such as depression, and mobility issues. Our specially trained nurses and therapists work directly with the client’s own physician to achieve optimal treatment goals focused on quality of life.

Services are usually provided by the same nurse and therapist for best continuity of care and case conferences are held weekly at the community. We then monitor each patient’s progress daily, weekly or monthly as needed ensuring quality of life and optimal results are achieved.

Our Community Living
Services Include:

  • Support during transition process to Assisted and Independent Living Communities.
  • Personalized Physician driven treatment plans
  • Continuity of Care by same nurse and therapist
  • Weekly Case Conference with Physician and Community Nursing Staff
  • Early detection and treatment of illnesses for optimal results

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