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Coping with Memory Loss Issues: Learn to Stay Sharp Even when Problems Arise

Thursday, February 11, 2016


Seniors struggling with memory loss problems need help, assistance and understanding from their loved ones. If you have noticed that your mom or dad shows signs of memory loss lately, it is important to step in and offer your assistance.  There are several tips, tricks and techniques that can help the person continue to live independently, enjoy life to its fullest even if memory loss seems to be an issue.

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People experiencing memory loss, have great difficulties with the following:

  • Remembering familiar people & events
  • Assimilating properly new information
  • Delimitating fact/fiction 

As someone who assists a person with memory loss, you should try to enforce the following tips and techniques to help the respective person cope with the situation:

Environmental restructuring therapy

This is a technique that helps people with memory loss complications continue to live independently. You should help your elderly loved one to reorganize the entire home so as to make it patient friendly. You could start by placing labels on the doors or even on the cupboards/fridge. These labels will help the person perform daily routine tasks without any problems (e.g. placing a label on the bathroom mirror reminding to perform the oral health regimen; placing a label on the medicine cupboard reminding to take the daily dose of medicine, etc.)

Help with remembering faces & events

People with memory loss issues struggle recognizing the faces of people they see on an everyday basis. This is why you should perform often a routine of looking through family albums and trying to reinforce the remembrance of pleasant events from the past. Encourage your loved one to share dear memories from the past, or to remember events involving certain family members he/she can see in the photograph you are showing. This technique is extremely useful but it is also a very pleasant way of bonding more with your dear one.

Eliminating stressful situations

Stress can lead to feelings of anxiety and soon depression sets in. Try to eliminate stress from the life of your dear one by reinforcing a certain routine they can follow. Routine helps people feel well acquainted with the situation and very safe, and thus stress is eliminated. Also keep in mind that a person with memory loss problem needs to stay active and needs to avoid isolation. Family trips, family dinners, long walks in the park or playing with grandchildren on Sundays will all help making the situation much better.

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